New Photos!

There are things that everyone tries to put off from time to time. For the Junkies, it’s photo shoots! Although I find all three boys in the band to be quite dashing (this is Kali, by the way), and the opposite of shy, it’s difficult to get them to pose for a photo. But with the recent line-up change (for those of you just joining us – our banjo player moved to Argentina!) a photo shoot was inevitable.

Luckily, we found a really cool photographer by the name of Tim Gunther, who graciously decided to work with us on something fun. We decided that instead of doing the standard poses, we’d gather around a pinata and wail at it. Unfortunately, the pinata was destroyed after only a couple of blows (probably because Cole took a crowbar to it, rather than the lovely little stick that was provided), but we still got some fun photos, that we’re happy to share with you here!

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