Summer Tour Plans (can we play in your living room?)


We’re gearing up for a crazy summer. Kali and I will be touring all over the country as a duo, and the full band will be playing some NW shows with some great NW talent. Here’s generally what it will look like:

June 8-17: California Tour (Kali + Matt duo)
July 10-14: WA/ID Tour with Cars & Trains (Kali + Matt duo)
July 19-21: Western Oregon Mini-Tour with Norman and Holiday Friends (full band; includes Portland)
July 24th-August 10: National Tour leg 1 (Kali + Matt duo)
August 21st-Sometime in September: National Tour leg 2 (Kali + Matt duo)

There are also a couple random non-tour shows floating around in there too. Basically, we’ve never done anything close to this ambitious before, schedule- or distance-wise, and to make matters crazier, we’re booking all of it ourselves (sort of like applying for a job in every single city we’re hitting). Here’s where you come in: if you’re anywhere near as excited about the August national tour as we are and want to see Kali and I bring our duo set to your town, please consider reaching out to us at We’re open to city/venue suggestions (our routing is only partially planned), and most of all, if you or someone you know would be willing to host a house concert, we’d love to fill this tour with as many of those as we can. Seriously, if you’re interested, click that email link… we want to hear from you (also, we still have a couple free days on our June California tour, so this applies to you Golden State folks too!). Make your way over to our shows page to see what’s currently booked – Kali + Matt duo shows appear first in order, and full band shows are down below.

One other thing: we’re not planning on doing a Kickstarter or anything to help us with this, but if you want to help support us financially as we go jobless for a while and drive around playing music, the best way is to click “Store” or head here – you and your friends can buy merch, or just buy a digital album and think of it as a tip. That money goes directly to us, even if it’s just $1, and every little bit counts as we find ourselves having to feed our Corolla’s gas tank.

Thanks for all your support; you make it possible for us to do things like this, and we’re beyond stoked to come see you this summer.


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