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  • “Nail Salon” (acoustic video during a lightning storm)

    “Nail Salon” (acoustic video during a lightning storm)

    Hey friends – happy BBQ-weekend. We just had a sudden thunder storm here in Portland (sadly a rare occasion), so Kali and I ran out onto the porch and recorded this quick acoustic video of a newer song. -Matt

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  • Summer Tour Plans (can we play in your living room?)

    Summer Tour Plans (can we play in your living room?)


    We’re gearing up for a crazy summer. Kali and I will be touring all over the country as a duo, and the full band will be playing some NW shows with some great NW talent. Here’s generally what it will look like:

    June 8-17: California Tour (Kali + Matt duo) July 10-14: WA/ID Tour with Cars & Trains (Kali + Matt duo) July 19-21: Western Oregon Mini-Tour with Norman and Holiday Friends (full band; includes Portland) July 24th-August 10: National Tour leg [...]

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  • New Photos!

    New Photos!

    There are things that everyone tries to put off from time to time. For the Junkies, it’s photo shoots! Although I find all three boys in the band to be quite dashing (this is Kali, by the way), and the opposite of shy, it’s difficult to get them to pose for a photo. But with the recent line-up change (for those of you just joining us – our banjo player moved to Argentina!) a photo shoot was inevitable. [...]

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